Review – Green Tea and Lemon

My tea tasting experience had me get the Green Tea Lemon by Kericho Gold.  I got this tea from a colleague. The first thing that stands out is the packaging. The colors stand out with two distinct colors on each tea pack: luminous green and green. The ingredients include Green Tea and lemon flavors. I find the messaging on the pack creative and interesting: Chillax T’s all good.  The green pack contrasts with luminous green writing and likewise the luminous green pack contrasts with green writing and the label Green tea stands out in white.

On opening the packet the scent that gets notice first is the lemon. I didn’t notice any distinct smell of the green tea. I put a tea bag in a cup, poured hot water and let it infuse for 4 minutes. I took another second cup and infused it for 2 minutes and the color of green tea was much lighter than the first cup that infuse for 4 minutes.

One thing I notice with the teas from Kericho Gold packs is that they do not have instructions on how to brew the tea. So as a user you have to keep guessing the infusion time until you get the taste that suits your taste buds.

The aroma of the lemon intensified the longer the tea infused. This is so far the best green tea blend that I have had in a while. I loved the aroma of lemon and how the lemon taste blends the taste of Green tea. Green tea is an acquired taste because it has some bitter after taste to it and not your everyday tea.

I would recommend this tea blend. In addition to the immense benefits of green tea, the tea is something I could get used to once in a while.


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