Review Jani Green Tea

Jani Green Tea

Green tea in general has an acquired taste. You take the tea several times before you get used to the taste. I find this tea rejuvenating. It is widely associated with weight loss.

The package is simple and it communicates the message of what to expect inside- Green Tea. The branding has a leaf that takes the dominant space at the friend. On opening the packet the scent is not as strong as expected. Being a pure Green Tea blend could be the reason why the tea smell is not as strong as I expected.

I place the tea bag in a cup and add hot water. It takes a few minutes for the tea to infuse. The predominant taste is a somewhat bitter especially if you leave the tea bag to infuse for longer than four minutes

To camouflage this taste I add honey as a sweetener. This gives the tea a better experience. Do I recommend this tea? Yes I do. It gives you the original taste of green tea without additional flavors to the blend. You can always add honey as a sweetener or have it without depending on your preference.

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