A review of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert



I stumbled upon this book as I was looking for books on self-discovery. Elizabeth’s journey happens across 3 countries: In Italy where she learns Italian, in India she lives in an Ashram and in Indonesia she finds passion. The vivid descriptions of all the experiences in these countries makes a reader feel like they too travelled there.

I liked the writing style. The book kept me engaged as I tried to figure out why they writer did not disclose in detail why she divorced her husband. I also relate with the book because I am in my 30s around the same time the writer wrote this book. The need to know oneself is one thing that really resonated with me throughout the book as the writer made efforts to find and know herself. This is the first book that I read from the author. The book has a motion picture to it, with Julia Roberts as the lead actress.

In my view, the writer was brave enough to leave her country to go to places where she was not familiar with. Her narration felt like having a close friend having coffee with me and catching me up with experience.

Themes explored in the book include marriage, we see Elizabeth struggle to keep her marriage a float. Culture and the experience of 4 different cultures: the American contemporary and fast paced culture, Italian’s rich culture in language, India’s deep roots in religion and Indonesian linear culture. The aspect of religion and how it played an important role in helping the protagonist find her bearing. The book tries to explain the aspect of meditation and how it is an important part of spiritual stability.

Key take aways

That I can walk away from something that does not add value to my life


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