Review- Masala Flavored Tea

Masala Tea

My tea journey and tasting experience this time led me to Masala Tea. I am still experiencing the Ketepa Tea range of flavored teas. Masala Tea is an Asian aromatic indulgence which includes black tea blended with a mixture of spices and herbs. The tea is packaged in boxes with 25 tea bags. The sachets are in brown color that is consistent with flavored tea range from Ketepa. The center of this pack has a photo of mixed spices that basically prepare you on what to expect. This particular blend has cardamom, clove and nutmeg. Other masala tea blends may have a combination of additional spices such as ginger, cloves, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon.

On opening the sachet, the smell that immediately greets you is an aroma of different spices. On smelling and individual tea bag, the smell of the spices is evenly balanced. I get to smell a bit of the cloves, a bit of the cardamom and a bit of the nutmeg.

I prepared this tea with water, milk and sugar. It was a bit cold outside and I needed a boost of creamy milk tea. So I boiled water and the milk each separately and then put the tea bag in a cup. I first added the boiled water and let it infuse for 4 minutes as per the instructions on the pack.

There are other ways of preparing the tea. I prefer mine with milk and water. You may have it as black tea. When preparing black tea, bring water to boil, put tea bag in a cup and infuse for 4 minutes. Another way to prepare is as Black Masala Iced Tea and Masala Iced Tea with cream for a different experience. We will have another discussion on the iced tea J

On sipping the tea. My taste buds welcomed the taste intermingled with the 3 spice blends. I got what I expected. A creamy spicy taste, as you continue with the tea the masala becomes more distinct.

Masala tea has a lot of benefits due to the number of spices used to prepare it. Just too quickly mention the top five benefits of the three spices used in this blend include:

The cardamom contained in the spice holds immunity properties. The immunity boost protects your body from diseases. Cardamom also helps control the feeling of mood swings. This reduces depression and anxiety.

The nutmeg and cloves in this spice mix has the ability to relieve paid. Nutmeg also has pain relieving properties.

The fiber contained in grounded nutmeg retains its fiber content which reduces cases of constipation. Finally the surprising fact about cloves are that it helps blood sugar levels.

So do I recommend this flavor? Yes I do! In addition to the spicy taste, masala tea has immense benefits.


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