Tea review: Ketepa pride’s Lemon Flavored Tea

Ketepa Lemon Tea

Ketepa Pride lemon tea is a blend of black CTC tea and lemon flavours. I did not feel a strong lemon flavor with the tea bag I used. Does the lemon tea live up to its name? Read on to find out my conclusion.

This blend of tea includes lemon and black CTC tea.

Manufacturer’s Description

Sweet and tingly citrus taste

Fresh tangy lemons blended with Ketepa Pride teas.

Best enjoyed without tea

How to prepare

Boil water

Infuse for 4 minutes

I Immersed in the boiled water for 5minutes and then removed the tea bag. The aroma of black tea was more dominant than the lemon tea and so was the taste. The lemon flavor was obvious but not strong. I was tempted to steep a second tea bag to get a stronger taste of the lemon tea, but didn’t because the black tea would become concentrated and bitter.

The tea is available in packets with 25 tagged tea bags inside. It is recommended that you take the tea without milk. You know the obvious reaction when tea is mixed with lemon. When milk is added to the lemon mix, the milk will curdle.

My assumption is that the lemon tea as the name suggests should have the lemon flavors as the dominant flavor. I also did not taste the tangy taste as described in the pack. I tried to steep the tea bag for a longer period with a second cup. I did it for 6 minutes and the lemon flavor was still not as strong as I had expected, instead the tea becomes concentrated.

Overall this tea is just like any other CTC tea. I didn’t quite get the taste of the lemon flavor in the tea. The lemon flavor was weak. You have to put more than one tea back for the flavor to be stronger. However when you add the extra tea bag the CTC aspect of the tea becomes stronger again overshadowing the lemon flavor.


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