A Review of Cliques by Diana Gitau

Cliques by Diana Gitau

About Cliques:

Soila arrives at the new school filled with hope that this may be the place that will provide her with a second chance, a different place where she could fit in and make friends. The beautiful serene environment and warm reception from her principal and school sister convinces her that this time her story will be different.

But her hopes are quickly dashed when she realizes that the whole school is divided into cliques. To make friends, she will have to prove herself. What first seemed as an exciting fresh start turns out to be a fight to find her identity and place in this new hostile environment.


Cliques is young adults’ book written by Diana Gitau.  This is a book that was published by Story Moja. I decided to read as part of my challenge this year to read more books written by Kenyan authors. This is my 3rd book to read and I can say that this is progress given that we are only half way through the year. It is a short read, it has well over 200 pages and the words are not too small, which makes you read faster. I managed to read it in 2 days in between my commutes to and from work.

As expected from the blurb, the book is about the life of a teenage girl called Soila who comes from a middle class family. She has had a bad experience at her former school and transfers because of bullying. Cliques reminded me of my high school days where as many teenage girls, I always wanted to fit in. This book gives insight into the lives of girls in a private boarding school. It’s a good book for parents with teens in boarding school who have experienced bullying. It also gives you an idea of how to handle a situation where your child is bullied.

This book is written in the eyes of Soila and any parent with a teenage son or daughter can relate fully. Soila gets into a school that is already divided into cliques. She finds it difficult to blend in and adapting to the school. She tries to make friends but is unable to. Teenage years are difficult for both parents and teens alike and this book gives both sides insight on how to react to situations where a teen has been bullied or is experiencing challenges adapting to a new school. It’s a great read for a young adult who struggles and is successful in settling into a new school. The pace of the book is fast, so many events happen at once. A hostile group of cliques, the unfortunate incident at the scripture union session and getting into trouble with the school authorities for being late to class. It would be much appreciated if you walk into any Text Book Center and purchase this book and support a Kenyan writer.

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