Very Vanilla Melvins Tea Review

Melvins Vanilla Tea

Tea Information

Melvins Vanilla tea is handpicked and delicately blended to the finest quality Kenyan Tea. Melvins tea are grown on the highlands of Kenya. The high altitude, fertile soils and temperate climate bring out a brisk, natural flavor and bright color to the tea.


I had the opportunity to taste this tea at a friend’s place during our bi monthly meet up. I must say this afternoon tea wasn’t bad at all. I especially loved the black tea version of it.

Pour boiled water over very vanilla tea bag.

Steep the tea bag for 5 minutes to get the rich taste of the vanilla. Gently squeeze the tea bag and remove. Add sugar or honey to taste. Serve while hot

This tea can be drunk in several ways. I tried 3 ways and the hot black tea brought out the rich vanilla taste to the tea.

The first method was the black tea where you pour boiled water over the vanilla tea bag.

The second method is pouring hot milk over the tea bag and steep for 5 minutes. The vanilla taste and scent are not as strong as with the black tea.

The third method is to add ice cubes to the black tea. I must say this is one method that I am not used to. I didn’t find the taste particularly appealing. I like my tea hot and steamy.

Overall the vanilla taste and scent are strongly felt with the hot water when steeped for five minutes.  As the manufacturer puts it: The secret to a perfect cup of tea is in the brewing. Always use freshly boiled water. I could not agree more.

Re boiling water removes the oxygen in the water and this causes it to change its taste.


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