Kericho Gold is a premium tea brand based in Kenya. Kericho Gold teas are packaged in packets. This range of tea is packaged in string and tea bags and are 100% Kenyan blends.


Country of Origin- Kenya

Ingredients- Green tea, Passion & Jasmine Flavors

Steep Time: 5 minutes

Water temperature: Bring water to boil

Tasting notes:

My previous experience with boiling water used for infusing green tea is that it gives you a bitter taste. This Green tea has a beautiful aroma of Jasmine and the bitter taste is camouflaged by the taste of passion flavor.

Kenya has for the past few years began production of Green tea in central Kenya where the climate is conducive for the plants to thrive.

Once the water is boiled, allow to brew for a few minutes to bring out the passion and green tea flavor. Why I loved this tea is because, green tea is an acquired taste, there is normally an after bitter taste but the beauty of this is it is camouflaged by the aroma of Jasmine and sweet taste of passion.

For those with a sweet tooth, a bit of honey can be added to add to the flavors. I drunk mine without honey and it still tasted sweet.




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