Tea review: Kericho gold – love tea

ericho Gold Love Tea

I call this tea, the tea with a passion. I personally loved this tea experience. As it says in its pack, it sets you in the mood and I really did seize the moment. I took this on a cold Saturday afternoon after a dentist appointment. It helped set the relaxation mood for the rest of the afternoon. I liked it black. I have with both milk as well and the combination is still as sweet.  The tea comes in a pack of 25 tagged tea bags.


Country of Origin- Kenya

Ingredients- Black CTC Tea, Vanilla, Rose, Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry flavors.

Water temperature: Bring water to boil

Tasting notes:

The tea bag infuses to bring out a strong scent of strawberry and cherry fruits, the result is a strong tea cup combination in such a short time. The Vanilla flavor did not come out strong. I however loved the taste of combination of the fruits. It combines well with both milk and water.

The tea taste is still as strong in as much as it is blended with other flavors.



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