Tea review: Ketepa pride’s caramel flavored tea

Caramel Tea

Ketepa’s Caramel flavored tea is a premium tea blended and packaged in Kericho Kenya by Kenya Tea Packers Limited. The tea is packaged in packets of 25 string and tagged tea bags.


Country of Origin- Kenya

Ingredients- Caramel flavor, blended black CTC tea

Steep Time: 4 minutes

Water temperature: Bring water to boil

Tasting notes:

The Ketepa Caramel Flavored premium tea is one of the flavored teas offered among its flavored tea range of teas. The teas are packed in 2gm tagged tea bags with 25 tea bags in each packet.

This tea can be taken as black tea or by adding milk. I prefer adding milk and sugar to bring out the toffee and caramel flavors. This blend of tea is very calming, with a sweet tasting aroma. Ketepa describes the tea to have a toffee taste, I however only got to experience the caramel taste. I mixed half a cup of milk and half a cup of black caramel flavored tea bag.

I love the taste of caramel, the combination with hot milk makes it an appealing combination blend. There is a lovely heaviness to the tea when combined with milk and sugar, which I love to take as it calms you. I took it after dinner, and I dozed off in a matter of minutes. Meaning the yummy taste of caramel in combination to warm milk gives you a calming effect.

This for me is a weekly treat than a daily indulgence, the good old black CTC tea with or without sugar remains my daily indulgence.


Interested in this tea? You can find it online here




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