Depth of Lies by E.C. Diskin



A group of middle-aged women living in the same neighbourhood have been friends for years. One of their closest friends Shea dies under mysterious circumstances. These families live in Suburban areas, the middle class that start out their families in their 20s see their children grow and leave home for the campus, but a lot of circumstances change because of their relationships. Shea’s death leaves many unanswered questions: Was it murder?  Was it of natural causes or did she commits suicide? This is a riveting mystery fiction book that keeps you at the edge of your seat as you keep turning the pages in a quest to solve the mysterious death of Shea.

Two major themes stand out, relationships in marriage and friendship. These women see their friendship grow for over a decade, they have been through it all together. As I read the book I realize that the older you get, the more you need this kind of friendship and people to have on your side.

On the issue of marriage, I learnt that marriage has its challenges we learn these from Shea and her husband Ryan and other supporting characters in the book. These relationships are so complicated that at some point it was left aghast with what the couples tried out in an effort to spruce up their marriages. There are so many secrets between them even as friends, a lot of secrets bring about misunderstandings.

I loved the narrative, the plot and the character development, I grew into them and somewhat became part of them. I would get emotional when they made certain decisions. My favourite character was Kat and I wish I had a friend like her. The plot had its twists and turns and the author successfully kept the suspense and in the end, you keep guessing the circumstances surrounding Shea’s death. The plot is engaging to the end.




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