I have first attracted the Gone Girl after reading Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins as a book club read. The book starts with Amy and her husband Nick celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary and the first chapter, we read Nick’s perspective where he gives a detailed description of his wife. The gripping suspense of the novel begins when Amy disappears.

After Amy disappears, speculations and suspicions abound, with Nick being the main suspect. What happened to Amy? Where was Nick when she disappeared? Will Nick’s sister Go and his in-laws stand by him as they try to locate her? What other secrets does the couple have?

Amy comes off as someone manipulative and sinister going by her behaviour throughout the book. I saw her as someone seeking attention. The writer keeps us in suspense throughout the book not knowing whether she survived her disappearance or not. I loved this aspect because it keeps you glued to the book in trying to find out what happens next. There is unexpected turn of events that make the book even more intriguing.

The book kept me on toes, it had twists and turns and the ending came as an unexpected surprise.  Marriage comes out as a major theme throughout and we see this through the relationship between Amy and Nick. I must say their ways or resolving conflict and challenges in marriage were quite unique, to say the least.

Margo-better known as Go was Nick’s sister, a supporting character that stood out. She was a pillar of Nick especially when all fingers were pointing at him as the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

This was a well-written mystery, with surprises that kept me turning the pages in trying to find out what next. Anyone who enjoys mysteries and thrillers will find this an enjoyable book.

5 thoughts on “GONE GIRL – GILLIAN FLYNN

  1. Great review. I read this when it first came out and I still remember how good the twists were and so were the characters. You whould watch the movie if you get the chance. It is also really good.

    1. Thanks Jenn. Its a good read, you will enjoy it. I am also going to watch the movie now that I hear great things about it.

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