Review of Ketepa Jasmine Tea

I haven’t done a tea review this year, this will be my first. I received this as a sample from a recent event a friend attended. I haven’t seen them on the supermarket shelves yet. I look forward to these new flavours as I believe Ketepa will continue to improve on quality.

Jasmine Flavored tea front packet

The packet speaks volumes about what to expect. Green is the dominant colour with white contrasting to bring out the Jasmine plant. The back is however similar to the lemon tea flavour packet which I reviewed a while back. You can read the review here.

Jasmine Flavored tea back packet

The back of the packet gives you a description of the tea and how to prepare it. On opening the packet, the first thing that gets noticed is the aroma of black tea and a slight scent of Jasmine.

This, of course, got me curious about the taste of Jasmine, so I prepare the tea, by first adding the tea back in a cup. I bring water to boil and add it to the cup with the tea back. I let it infuse for 5 minutes and then have my first sip.

Jasmine Flavored Tea

The taste and the aroma don’t come out strongly with the first sip. I let the tea infuse for a bit longer and taste again. After about 10 minutes I get the taste of Jasmine, much stronger and the aroma too! Unfortunately, the tea is cold by now. This means that you have to let the tea bag infuse for longer for you to enjoy the taste and aroma of Jasmine.

That said my curiosity for the benefits of Jasmine come to fore. First what I come to learn later is that Jasmine builds your immune system. I will be having a few more cups of this tea during this hot and dry season as I have seen a lot of people around me with flu.  Coupled with my fitness regimen a few more cups of Jasmine tea should keep the risk of having a heart attack to a minimum.

I recommend this tea. I like the flavours and the lovely aroma of Jasmine.


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