Top 10 Zumba Playlist

The first time I attended a Zumba class, I felt energized. This was however after a long period of not working out. So after the effects were massive. My body was not used to such an intense work out so after class, I got sick. I presume that my body was reacting to such an intense work out after a very long time. I did not attend any lessons until after 2 weeks.

After this experience, I have never missed a work out at least every week I attend a Zumba work out session either once or twice. Unless I am away travelling for various reasons. The one-hour sessions are awesome. If you have not been working out for a while, you will struggle and sometimes have to take short breaks in between.

So why Zumba and not any other work out? Well for me it’s simple: I love to dance and I love music. And music and dance go together.

With each class comes a playlist. I have my personal favourites which I am going to list.


1. Fire House by Daddy Yankee ft. Play N Skills – I love this track, the routine has squats! So not only are you doing cardio but a little bit of strength training in between.

2. Bailalo Dembow by Amando and Heidy – One of my favourite tracks because the routine is so simple. It is on Zin 68

Wake up by Flavour featuring Wande Coal – Every Class has 30% African Music and this is one of my favourite tracks

Meta Mano by Amarfis – Performed in Spanish, I hardly know what the lyrics are about but they mention countries but the song is super.

Helicopta Collection by DJ Kikfat ft Edalam and Willy William- This song’s routine has a mix of strength training and cardio and to top it up, the pace is really fast.

Contento by Jorge Luis- Contento was released late last year. It’s a very inspiring song. It means being content and happy it oozes positive energy and I guess Jorge Luis was inspired as he also does Zumba too.

Gyal Wuk by Machel Montano has a raga-tone, riddim vibe to it. All the routine does is make you feel sexy as you work out.

Pa Venezuela by Maritza Laura and Max Pizzolante is one of my favourites as it combines a bit of Salsa and Samba however not a regular song on our instructor’s playlist.

Natufuta Kiki by Rayvanny is a song done a Tanzanian Musician known as Rayvanny.

Last but not least is a song that has become a throwback to my class but still remains one of my favourite tracks- Bank Alert by P- Square.


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