Earl Grey Flavored Tea

Earl Grey Flavored Tea

This flavour is now my favourite flavour of the Ketepa flavoured tea range. I haven’t tasted all but this one so far is the best. It is available at the Ketepa shop on Moi Avenue. The flavour is strong, it balances evenly with the CTC tea.

The flavour is rich and strong. I liked it without milk. I added some sweetener for this. As always I boiled hot water added the Earl Grey tea bag into a cup. Poured the hot water and let the tea bag infuse with the hot water for about 7 minutes. I finally added 2 teaspoons of sugar. You may also add honey as a sweetener. I liked it with sugar.

This is the first locally made Earl Grey flavoured tea that I have tasted and I loved it. On the packaging, Ketepa decided to go with the purple theme. I liked the clock that’s blended with a cup of tea and scroll map.

Earl Grey flavour is Bergamot; an orange fruit variety that is grown in Italy and France (source Wikipedia). Bergamot oil is produced by cells of a bergamot fruit. This oil blended to make the Earl Grey tea.

The aroma is not as strong as the flavours that come off the tea bag once the tea infuses. I highly recommend this new kid on the block.

2 thoughts on “Earl Grey Flavored Tea

  1. I haven’t tried this brand, but have been experimenting with a few different teas lately. I’m normally a big water drinker. I know, boring! So lately I’ve tried a green tea (Bigelow) with a hint of mint and loving it. I also have been drinking a lavender de-stress tea from Yogi (at night) and it seems to have a calming effect or could be just me reacting to the name, but I do enjoy the flavor!

    1. I am a big water drinker too! Haven’t done Green tea for some time now. Great to see that you enjoy teas too 🙂

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