Things I Will Tell My Daughter

Things i will tell my daughter

This is a book I see being sold on the streets. The motivation to buy it was, of course, the title. My assumption was that I would get to learn something new on stuff I could share with my daughters. My major take-home theme was on the money. Managing money is a lifetime process and I loved the approach in dealing with issues to do with money.

The stories given as examples were relational, they were authentic and real. As I too have been through some of these experiences.

Things I will tell my daughter is a simple and easy read. It was okay and not a wow read. I think it because I have been there and done that with some of the experiences mentioned in the book. On themes such as dating, I found myself skimming through the book because I kept telling myself ‘been there done that’

This also applied to motherhood I found myself skimming through the pages. I believe every mother has their own style of raising their child. In my view, you cannot tell a mother how to raise their child. She has to experience it on her own to learn it. This is a book I would recommend to any woman in her twenties.

About the book

Through a blend of personal narrative, social history and hard-eyed wisdom, Joan Thatiah delves into life lessons she has lived and learnt.
Into the big things, the small things and the things that today’s young woman never imagines that she will have to deal with.


2 thoughts on “Things I Will Tell My Daughter

    1. I realised half way into it that this wasnt my kind of book. Since I am not the person of not finishing books except in very rare cases. Thanks

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