Mr and Mrs. Doctor

Mr & Mrs. Doctor

About Mr. and Mrs. Doctor

Ifi and Job, a Nigerian couple in an arranged marriage, begin their lives together in Nebraska with a single, outrageous lie: that Job is a doctor, not a college dropout. Unwittingly, Ifi becomes his co-conspirator—that is until his first wife, Cheryl, whom he married for a green card years ago, reenters the picture and upsets Job’s tenuous balancing act.


I have heard many stories of friends and relatives going to the western world in search for a better life. Indeed, many have gone and lost touch with us. I often ask why. Having read Mr. & Mrs. Doctor, you get a sense of why many who go abroad and go silent. They have a lot to deal with. They have to deal with culture shock, adjusting to a new environment, weather, people and culture. They have to settle down and be successful in trying to meet the expectations they had before they arrived.

Mr. & Mrs. Doctor brings to light an honest experience of an immigrant couple in a foreign country. It exposes migration for Africans. The false hope that comes with moving abroad. For some a positive outcome while for others not so good. Mr. & Mrs. Doctor honestly captures the not-so-good experience of an immigrant’s life.

Reading this book gives me the feeling that those immigrants in the west in most cases try as much as possible to camouflage stories of their lives on Social Media. When in reality things are not as rosy as they seem.

The story in this book is familiar to many. I love that the author wrote this book because it represents the lives of so many immigrants. Yes, we may have heard these stories over and over again. Finally Julie Iromuanya took it upon herself to document it through the lives of Ifi and Job.

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