Nobeca by Lloyd Nesling

Nobeca by Lloyd Nesling is an interesting read. It is described as a thriller because of the twists and turns in the narrative. The book takes one deep into the workings of the secret service and the Russian KGB.

The story is set in St. Petersburg, Russia and the plot takes you to the United States of America. It begins with 19-year-old Pasha who murders a woman brought home by his abusive father- Feliks. His father helps him to cover up the murder and they are never caught. This book for starters was had a lot of violent scenes. In the beginning, I really sympathized with Pasha but as the narrative progressed I begun to dislike him and eventually I could not stand him.

The narrative in this book did not work for me. I think it’s the many characters and their development into the narrative. It was difficult for me to catch up with them. At some point in the book, Pasha changed his name and this confused me because of the many characters that he interacted with and killed off. At some point in the book, we are introduced to other secret service agents who become the lead characters in the book pursuing cybercrime.

I have always been curious about the secret service and the Russian KGB, despite the shortcomings in the narrative of the story, the book gives a reader insight as to how these organizations work. It may be fiction but come out believable.

The theme of murder is dominant in this book. The motivations to kill other human beings and respect for human life was shocking to me. I have not witnessed a violent murder but it was vividly described here. I kind of got the feeling that the protagonists had some mental issues or it could also be that being brought up in a violent home could have contributed to the lack of emotion when he committed the crimes.

2 thoughts on “Nobeca by Lloyd Nesling

  1. What was the time frame this was set in? KGB was back in like the 80s or something wasn’t it? (Or is that still going on? I’m clueless about such things.)

    I don’t mind violence, but I don’t like it when I have trouble keeping up with the characters. Don’t know if I’d give this one a try or not.

    1. Hi Lilyn, thanks for stopping by.It is set from 1976 to 2017. The KGB part of the narrative is set between the 70s and the 80s. You should try it, see how it goes. I always have a challenge keeping up with narratives that have too many characters.

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