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Nomad is a continuation of Ayaan’s Hirsi Ali’s first book titled – The Infidel.  For you to get the gist of Nomad, you have to first read The Infidel. There are a lot of instances where she refers to Infidel as you read the Nomad. Readers will find it hard to understand Nomad if they have not first read Infidel.

The Nomad is more than a biography. One would expect that she picks up from her move to the USA. This is where The Infidel ended. In the USA, she worked at the American Enterprise Institute as a researcher. She also spoke publicly against Islam’s treatment of women. In her book, Nomad, she describes in detail how Islam women and girls are ill-treated.

Ayaan used the Nomad as a platform to share her views on Islam, culture and Islam’s treatment of women. Her courage is admirable. To take a stand against Islam a deeply rooted religion that is intertwined with culture from her native country Somalia, would only take bravery. This book is based on her personal experiences and her personal views on how issues to do with Islam should be tackled.

The only downside with this book is the way she has put western civilization on a pedestal. Granted it may have its pros but being from Kenya and Africa, in general, our civilizations have its advantages too. I agree with her points of view because at least she has gone above and beyond to get solutions to the issues affecting Islam women both as immigrants and those living in her native country Somalia.

The themes that come out strongly in this book are religion. We see her convert to become an Atheist because of her bad experience with Islam. The issue of religion is also brought out with how Immigrants behave and Isolate themselves when they are living in foreign countries. They still continue to practice customs that are illegal in foreign lands.

The issue of mental health and how she dealt with her brother’s mental health. Her mother was also depressed and felt alone. Her biggest challenge was trying to get help for her mother and her brother’s mental issues. I would have loved to read more about what actions she took to assist her family.


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