Mini Review -The Wife Between Us



Vanessa and Richard’s marriage has ended and it seems Vanessa is yet to move on from the relationship. Richard, on the other hand, is getting ready to marry. This book starts slowly and begins to pick up mid-way when twists are introduced. I must say this book takes the trophy when it comes to the twists and surprises. I did not see them coming

At the onset, the book kind of reminded me of Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins which I read as a club read a while back. I thought I the book was about a woman dealing with psychological issues.

I loved that the book had memorable characters who were properly developed, the plot was creatively crafted. As events unfolded I had my chief suspects who turned out not be.

The writing style kept me engaged throughout the book and the suspense a page-turner. It is understandable as to why this book was widely talked about.

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