Review of Ketepa Mint Flavored Tea

Ketepa has a new range of flavoured teas. This time around I tried out the Mint flavoured tea. I was coming down with a cold and decided to try out this flavour. The packaging colours blend in well with the expected mint aroma and taste. It has a blue background colour that blends in with the green brand colours and the green mint leaves on the packet.

Ketepa Mint Flavoured Tea Packet

The tea contains black CTC tea with a blend of mint flavours. On opening the tea bag, the aroma of mint hits my nostrils. I placed the tea bag in a cup and added boiled water. The water changes to black tea and you immediately smell the mint aroma.

After infusing for a while the predominant aroma is mint. I must say, mint is one dominant flavour on many occasions, the CTC aroma usually overrides the flavour.

My taste buds first feel the taste of the black tea followed by the taste of mint flavours. Do I recommend this tea? Yes, because of its uniqueness and the mint flavour remains true to its taste.

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