Fitness is not a one size fits all affair

It’s that time of the week where I share my personal fitness journey. I always look forward to my Zumba workout sessions.

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What I am learning is that fitness is not a one size fits all affair. What works for you will certainly not work for me. My fitness levels will not be the same as your fitness levels. This blog is up to motivate you to follow your path. I realize sometimes I fall back on my schedule. Like at the moment, work schedule and gym timings have just not been in sync so I find myself doing more Zumba cardio workouts, this leaves out strength training. I am at the moment seriously considering home workouts. I am currently coming up with my first target which is my core. Here is why

This week’s Zumba class our instructor introduced a little bit of Strong by Zumba. For about 15 minutes we got into it. I must say I struggled through this session. My core is weak and all the gains I had for the last part of 2017 seem to have disappeared.

As mentioned last week, I have hit the reset button and so my first target will be my core. I plan to do home workouts that target the core area for 30 days. I look forward to seeing the change. Consistency will be key once I complete this 30-day-core challenge, I hope to be ready for Strong by Zumba. As I write, this, my body is not ready for it.

4 thoughts on “Fitness is not a one size fits all affair

  1. All the best with your core workouts. You have so much discipline with Zumba so I have no doubt that you will also nail this!

    All the best. I am currently struggling with consistency. I had 5 good weeks but then what I am doing is a bit of a challenge so motivation has been low. I hope to get back to it soon though.

  2. I wish my gym offered Zumba. I think I would enjoy it, although I can’t dance! I usually end up on the bicycle or the treadmill. Fitness is sometimes very hard to fit in. Enjoyed your post.

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