First Chapter- First Paragraph- Tuesday Intros (27th February)

first chapter first paragraph Tuesday Intros

First Chapters First Paragraph Tuesday Intros is hosted by (Vicki) I’d Rather Be at the Beach. Every Tuesday Vicki shares the first paragraph, maybe two, of a book that she is reading or planning to read soon. Feel free to participate.

This week I will be introducing the first chapters and paragraphs of my current read

Girl in the mist

Girl in the Mist

Chapter One

A steady cadence of footsteps echoed through the corridors of the Prima Vista Psychiatric Hospital. Crudely plastered walls, once a faint green, had long since aged to dirty yellow. Huge cracks everywhere made the walls resemble an intricate mosaic design. The Black and white floor had been repaired so often the original checkerboard pattern was nearly unrecognizable.

“Again. I stand by my earlier recommendation,” said an unpleasant voice that rang through the desolate hallways. Laced with a Latin accent, the words spoken were inappropriately loud. It punctuated one of many agonized screams rebounding through the high-security ward.

What do you think? Would you keep reading?

About Girl in the Mist by S.T Young

A taut psychological thriller from S.T. Young…

Infamous for infiltration and becoming her undercover identities, Nina Hernandez disappeared without a trace. Three years later, Naval Intelligence agent Rory O’Donnell finds her in a tortuous mental hospital. He’s unsure if it’s really Nina, or if she’s undercover and faking it. Either way, he’s pretty sure something sinister is going on…

Rory springs Nina, and together they elude their determined pursuers. He needs to get her to safety…all while keeping his hands off the beautiful, mysterious young woman. As he works to convince her to trust him and share her darkest secrets, he wonders if he can trust her not to betray his…

Between her mercurial changes, sexy come-ons, and her exasperating independence, a protection assignment has never been so hard. On a dangerous trek across the country, as they tumble from one danger into the next, Rory finds that resisting Nina might just be his toughest task yet.

11 thoughts on “First Chapter- First Paragraph- Tuesday Intros (27th February)

  1. This does sound good. Very descriptive beginning. I’m spotlighting a review book this week – Hooked on a Phoenix by Ashlyn Chase. Happy reading!

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