Tea Review Kericho Gold- Sweet Pepper Mint

Another unique tea flavour that I had the opportunity of experiencing this week was Sweet Peppermint from Kericho Gold. The packaging is pure white. The front area has mint leaves and classified as a speciality infusion tea. I can’t wait to sample it.

The ingredients include peppermint at 60% and Liquorice root at 40%. It also provides a warning for people suffering from hypertension to avoid excessive consumption. The back cover also gives details of the manufacturer and their address.

Sweet Peppermint Back     

On opening the tea bag the first distinct scent that comes to fore is that of peppermint. The scent is quite strong. I dip the tea bag into a cup and add boiled water and I let the tea infuse for a few minutes. I didn’t need to add sugar as the tea was already sweet thanks to the Liquorice.

I let the tea infuse for too long so the Liquorice aftertaste became too sweet and very strong when combined with peppermint. For this tea to come out perfect, the infusion time really matters. If you infuse it for longer than 3 minutes then you are going to have a hard time especially if you are someone who does not like too much sugar in your tea.

I felt the Liquorice made the tea heavy and in addition to the inclusion of peppermint, it became too strong for me. This is not my kind of tea.

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