Book Review: Girl in the mist by S.T. Young

This is a psychological thriller that follows Nina Hernandez who previously worked as a secret agent. Nina had disappeared for 3 years without a trace and a naval intelligence agent, Rory O’Donnell finds her at a mental hospital. Rory begins the uphill task of getting her to trust him, saving her and escape from those who want to recapture. Will she trust him as someone who has good intentions? And will Rory resist the strong attraction he had for her?

What I loved about this book is the narrative is full of suspense. I was on edge the whole time as Rory and Nina try to evade recapture and go to safety. I loved both Nina and Rory’s characters and most of all their sexual tension and attraction to each other.

Nina was a strong lady, she had been through so much, and she had been through psychological, physical and emotional abuse. While Rory came off as the knight in shining armour to her rescue, he also had his own emotional baggage that he had to deal with. The sexual innuendos and Rory’s attraction to Nina helped develop the plot further.

The thrill of romance, emotions, suspense and action all packed into one narrative make this a great story with two memorable characters. Nina had multiple personalities and having all her characters come into play made the book worthwhile. I came to appreciate each of the characters as they manifested and grew to love and hate some of them.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Girl in the mist by S.T. Young

  1. Romance thrillers are a tricky genre for me. However, I really like the sound of this one and love the fact that it was a suspenseful read despite the romance. Glad that you enjoyed it.

    1. This book was so interesting it was the first Romance thriller for me and like you I also shy away from them.

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