The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck



I have mixed feelings about this book. First, it was not the usual self-help book. The title caught my attention as it was listed as one of the most popular books in 2017, in addition, any title with a curse word would definitely get my attention.

The book got me rethinking of all the times I have been overthinking on irrelevant issues that I should not be spending my energies on. Most of the times we care too much about things that have a very little impact on our lives.

The rest of the book was just like any other self-help book. I felt the writer bring up what has already been said by other self-help authors, the main message being- stay positive. This advice is not new to me. What made it different is how it was presented. The title too did not meet my expectations, I am not sure what I was expecting. It was just like any other self-help book only this time a different title to get a reader’s attention.

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