Ugly by Constance Briscoe



There is something about this book. The reason I read it to the end was to find out how Claire turned out eventually. I even went to the extent of finding out online if indeed the story was true because it is categories as a memoir.

The repeated abuse on Claire really got to me. I could not imagine a biological mother committing 360 degree abuse on their child, the way Claire’s mother did. I must hand it to the author, for having the strength of reliving the abuse and her difficult childhood by having to write the book. The repetitive aspect of the book was one shortcoming of the book. It just became flat.

The descriptions of what happened to here were so vivid I felt like I was with her while this was happening. I am still trying to wrap my head around what this innocent child did to the mother. It is beyond imaginable that a mother can do this to their child. Being a mom, I had a difficult time trying to see how realistic this was. From the information that I read online her mother sued her for defamation. I would really love to hear her side of the story and in addition her siblings and their account of what they witnessed.

Motherhood is a theme that dominates the whole book. However it dominates in such a negative way that it’s scary. To imagine that a mother was this horrible to her child is so hard to imagine. I have always heard and experienced the unimaginable and profound and unconditional love for that I have for my children. So I got cognitive dissonance throughout my experience with this book. The love a mother has for their child is unexplainable, so how in the world would someone hate their child so much?

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