First Chapter- First Paragraph- Tuesday Intros (1st May)

first chapter first paragraph Tuesday Intros

First Chapters First Paragraph Tuesday Intros was previously hosted by (Diane) Bibliophile by the Sea and is now hosted by (Vicki) I’d rather be by the beach. Every Tuesday Vicki shares the first paragraph, maybe two, of a book that she is reading or planning to read soon. Feel free to participate.

This week I will be introducing the first chapters and paragraphs of my current read

Runaway Girl by Emma Tallon


There she was again, that girl. She had moved in last week, renting a room in one of the buildings Freddie owned. He had watched her struggling along the path with her boxes, traipsing up and down on her own, from the back of the battered old Astra. It annoyed him that no one around had offered to help the girl. If he hadn’t been in the middle of a business meeting in the café across the road, he would have helped her himself. That would soon have put the loitering bums surrounding her to shame and put a fire up their arses! It would e deep shame indeed for them to be seen by Freddie Tyler, doing nothing to help a young girl struggling on her own. Obviously they had no idea he was in the vicinity. But Freddie often preferred it like that. It was a good way to suss out what people were really about.

About the book – Good Reads

Anna Davis has spent years terrified of her sadistic gangster boyfriend. Right up until she runs away in the dead of night, she’s frightened he will kill her. And she knows he still will, if he ever finds her…

As Anna starts her new life, she meets two strangers who will change her fortunes forever. Tanya Smith is a gorgeous East London stripper with a big heart. Anna loves Tanya’s attitude to life and the pair quickly become inseparable and business partners. And East End baron Freddie Tyler is everything Anna’s ex-boyfriend was not – he’s kind, caring and would do anything to make Anna happy.

But are they both telling Anna the truth about who they really are?

Just as Anna begins to see a brighter future for herself, her past comes back to haunt her. She could be about to lose everything – even her life. But she’s a different person now. She’s got something to live for and she’s not going to give up without a fight.
What do you think? Is this a book you would continue reading?

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  1. I’m not sure about this one. I don’t tend to do gangster books because they often feel forced to me. I might wait for your review.

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