All the light we cannot see- Antony Doerr

All the light we cannot see is a historical fiction that is set during World War II. The narrative travels back between Germany and France and it follows two protagonists Marie- Laurie, a French girl and Werner a German orphan. As the war progresses, Marie- Laurie and Werner’s families are separated, and we see both protagonists go through a lot of challenges associated with the world war in a bid to get re-united with their families. I have and continue to be a historical fiction fan. I feel like it’s a moment in time that I would like to have been not to experience but to witness the many stories that happened then, therefore reading these stories truly gives me the firsthand experience.

Of the two protagonists I really connected with Marie-Laurie. I was in touch with her journey. Was it the vivid description of her surroundings? Was it her story? I think so. My connection with Werner was contrary to what I felt with regard to their personal encounters. For some reason I just did not connect with his character and his experience. I did not root for him, I did not empathize with him. Werner was recruited into the German army. He was exceptionally bright. However it was not until I listened to the author’s back story and his inspiration to writing his story in the book, that I began feeling the connection to his story.

The title was related to the story line. The book was unique in the sense that it gave two parallel stories. From the writing, the author did a lot of research into the account of the war in Germany and France. The story sounded realistic from the imagery to the descriptions. I loved how Marie- Laurie would count the steps to wherever she went. My only wish was when Marie-Laurie and Werner finally met, their connection would have been longer than what is described in the book. The conclusion to the story was unpredictable.

The book title had a deeper meaning which for me meant that we are yet to read world war stories. There are so many stories of the war that are yet to be told. The world is yet to hear these stories as they were buried with the war therefore that is all the light we cannot see (the buried stories)

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