Mango Tea Review

I loved this tea, it hit the spot. It contains mango flavors. It’s Juicy, tender, tangy    freshly harvested tropical mangoes perfectly blended to complement highly aromatic Ketepa Pride teas from the eastern ranges of the Great Rift Valley evoking memories of tropical rain forests bathed in shades of sunny yellow early morning.


I used one tea bag, added boiled water and let it infuse for a few minutes. I prefer this flavor without milk. You can add milk. I added sugar to enhance the taste.

The Smell

First thing that attracts me to the tea is the sweet aroma. I also love the domineering aroma of mango over the black tea.

The Taste

The taste too is a blend of mango and black tea. I like the fruity mango taste. The flavor doesn’t have a lingering after taste. I love the combination of mango and black tea as it’s fairly sweet. I like this flavor better as hot tea as compared to iced tea.

I love the experience with this tea, it was fruity and stayed true to the taste of mango.

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