Review Kericho Gold Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea

I finally get to review this tea when my box of tea bags is about to get finished, I just have two tea bags left. It has been a lovely experience. The ingredients include Black Tea, Chocolate and Caramel Flavors.


Boil water, add a tea bag and then pour the boiling water in the cup and let the tea infuse for about 5 minutes.


The tea is amazing. I have tried it in 3 ways: Hot black tea, Iced Black tea and hot black tea with milk. My favorite among the three combinations is hot black tea with milk. It’s a wonderful experience during this cold Nairobi whether.

The tea smells just like cocoa with a hint of caramel.  I like the taste, the caramel and the chocolate blend in perfectly with the tea flavor. Another wonderful thing is that this is a box of tea bags that I have been able to complete. Most of the ones that I usually buy, I normally end up distributing to colleagues at work or taking the box back home for the rest of the family to enjoy.

Have you tried this flavor yet? What was your experience? Share your experience on the comments below.

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