White Lies by Lucy Dawson



From the moment I opened this book to the minute I finished the last chapter, I could not tell who was lying and who was telling the truth between the Alex (a woman) and Jonathan (a teenage boy) who had a relationship and an alleged sexual harassment. Both their stories sounded legit. The story is told from each character’s Point of View (POV) and each character’s side of the story is so believable you would not tell whose side is telling the truth.

It was hard to figure out Alex and knowing whether she was telling the truth or not. On the other hand I really sympathized with Alex’s husband who was caught up in the scandal. He is not a saint either as he was caught in an affair.

Alexandra is a doctor, what I kept asking myself is would she step the line of putting her career, reputation and marriage at risk. One wrong move could damage her reputation and her career. Would she ruin her marriage and her course to break her marriage and family? I had different emotions towards her actions, I felt her actions were stupid and then again sorry for her.

White Lies for me was an emotional roller-coaster that had suspense until the end of the book. The story was centered on Alex and the narrative begins with Alex out on vacation with her close friends. At first the story is told from the point of view (POV) of Jonathan and Alex then later on we also get to see the POV of her husband, her boss, Jonathan’s parents and his girlfriend.

I felt the narrative diluted when the points of view increased as it was difficult to keep up with many characters and their opinion over the truth of the matter at hand. The most entertaining part of White lies was the suspense from the beginning to the end.

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  1. Great review! I love this author and like you, I enjoyed this title especially because of the suspense and the fact that it was hard to guess who the liar was.

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