Crocheting Not!


Afro hair journey My hair has been through a lot in terms of transformation; it’s been chopped, grown, chopped again. This is the second time I am having dread locks. This time round, I used the locks I previously had chopped off and grafted them to my natural hair.


I don’t think I will chop them off again. Experience has taught me that dreadlocks is the easiest style to maintain for my type of hair. Dreads are also easy to maintain. I can do it myself or have it done at the salon.

I crocheted my dreads on my last two re-touches and I don’t think I’m going to do it again. The first time I did crocheting I loved it because it tamed the huge amount of growth that I had on my hair. I kept twisting and locking and then after two weeks or so my hair would have growth. I didn’t like the way my locks looked the second time I did crocheting, they looked like braided hair. I think I will be crocheting once in a while (after a very long time) when my growth has become too much.I decided to go back to twisting and locking, my hair looked much neater after that retouch.






As we speak my hair already has growth and I’m looking forward to do another retouch in a week or so.

I have also realized that styling after every retouch has weakened my older locks and some of them are cutting.

2 thoughts on “Crocheting Not!

  1. Your locks look fabulous! Thanks for sharing this post. I have locked my hair again after shaving my last dreads in 2015. The previous dreads were not healthy and had thinned in places hence looking bumpy. I therefore decided not to put them back but instead start new locks afresh. I think crotcheting was part of the reason why the old locks had thinned out. Didn’t know that styling also affects locks though but will try to avoid doing it too much.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks Diana! Sometimes I regret cutting them but it was at the height of pregnancy hormones so that’s in the past. I guess once you lock your hair its so hard to do these other hairstyles, well for me nothing else really worked. Would love to see your locks too. Styling from experience thins your locks, at least I’ve seen it happen to mine. I’m seeing some of my locks thinning out while others have been cut off, I’ve also had to graft some back so I’ll take a break on styling them.

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