The City & the City by China Miéville



This book was a buddy read with Peter a fellow book club member from Literary Gems .It was his suggestion that we read the book and I can understand why he settled for this book. It had raving reviews. So when we settled for it, I embarked on reading it before he did. And to be honest I really struggled with to finish it. The story line was here and there, so many characters that I could not catch up with and were poorly developed and in addition, a story line that did not make sense to me. So I decided to trudge on with it since it was a buddy read and we are in it together. Well I was not alone, he also had the same struggle with the book.

The first thing that irked me about this story was the character development. There is not a single character that I could relate with, root for and none at all whose personality that I loved. I didn’t care for whatever happened to the characters. The only detail that I remember about the story was a murder which I am not even sure whether it was eventually solved.

The story is partly about two cities and a murder investigation that to me leads nowhere. I feel the author tried to insert mystery however I just did not get it. I read online that the book had some aspects of science fiction. I must have missed this part too, the author focused on other aspects such as buildings and sky crappers instead of characters and their development.  I guess this book just did not work for me.

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  1. I am sorry that you were disappointed with the characters. I hate that when that happens too. That and too many characters that contributes nothing to the plot. Sigh, I am giving this book a pass.

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