Kericho Gold Pure Kenya Tea

This is Kericho Gold’s pure Kenyan tea with no flavors.


Boil water to 100 degrees centigrade. Add the Kericho Gold tea bag in a cup and then pour the boiling water into the cup. Let the tea bag infuse in the water for 3-5 minutes to get the full taste of the tea.

Compared to other teas in this range, I found this tea to be stronger in its taste both as black tea and when you add milk to your black tea. I prefer taking this tea with sugar, makes the tea more enjoyable.

The smell is not so pronounced as the tea you would smell you visit a tea factory. I liked the overall experience with this tea. These range of teas is very popular here in Kenya and its what you will experience when you are at a hotel, or at a visit at a friend’s home.

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