The last black unicorn by Tiffany Haddish



Tiffany Haddish is certainly a hilarious writer. I loved how she brought out humor into her life experience. There is a special way she did it. It takes an immense amount of talent to do this. Tiffany is a true testament to working hard to achieve your dreams and goals and she did this despite the many challenges she faced in journey to standup comedy and Hollywood. All a reader is left with is admiration in her character, her resilience and patience to reach her goals.

After everything she has been through, you would expect the negatives that happened to her bring her down but instead she excelled and was able to achieve her goals. I personally had not heard about Tiffany Haddish until I watched a movie she starred in – Girls Trip. I loved her character in this movies and so did I love her memoir and how she narrated it.

I loved the flow the back and forth between her past and her present. The rationale as to how she would behave towards certain people and circumstances and how she has managed to remain positive. This is a wonderful memoir. What makes it unique is the humor in it. As you read you find yourself going on and on and before you know it the book is over.

I did not struggle reading this one, checking to see how many more pages remained before I completed the book. It was a seamless read. I also loved the way the book was written, the African American slung made the book believable and you could actually feel like she was personally narrating the story to you.

The book will make you appreciate her journey as a standup comedian and actress.

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