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It’s day 7 of the Blogtember challenge and I must say I had a bit of a struggle coming up with today’s blog post. Until I realized that there is something I could actually talk about; my commute to and from work. I use public transport because of my after work schedule. Most of the times I get home after dark and I loathe driving at night. I have never driven past 7 pm ever since I started driving 5 years ago. And I love to read so the traffic jams allow me to have some me time to catch up on books I am reading.

I discovered the train a few months ago and I love using it.  I work about an hour away from home. It takes me about an hour to and from work if I use all the modes of transport whether it’s public, driving or the train. What makes the train ride better, is the fact that the ride from the train station to home is about 20 minutes, the rest of the time is spent waiting for the train to depart and walking to and from the station.

Matatus and bus companies have raised their fares over the past few days, which are effects of the recent fuel hike. The train is yet to adjust their fares. It’s currently the cheapest mode of transport. Fuel cost for a car has been adjusted to Ksh. 130 from Ksh. 113, matatus are the most exorbitant and I think they are taking advantage of the situation. However in my route the prices have been adjusted by Ksh. 10. As for the train the fare remains the same at Ksh. 40

The train covers 4 active routes that basically cover major areas of Nairobi City

Kikuyu train that leaves the town station at 5.30 pm in the evening and morning respectively

Ruiru train that leaves town station at 5.40 pm in the evening and morning respectively

Syokimau train that leaves town at 5.50 m and 7.20 pm respectively and morning respectively

I use the Syokimau train. I like it because it’s not crowded, I normally get there early and have a chance to catch up on my books as I wait for the train to depart. I also have the option of using the Ruiru train and I occasionally use it when the Syokimau train has been cancelled mostly due to bad weather.

I also hate sitting in traffic, when I use public transport in the evening, it takes me about 2 hours to get home. To avoid this I use the train and best thing is I get home early and get a chance to spend time with my daughters.

What mode of transport do you prefer? Does your city experience the same challenges that we do in Nairobi? Or are you one of the few lucky ones who live close to their place of work? Share in the comments below


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  1. The modes of transport we have are mini buses, big buses,taxis and your personal car. After visiting Nairobi I can definately say Lusaka traffic is not as bad as Nairobi. But its a matter of perspective and where you live. I have been lucky to work opposite traffic and my current work place is about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the traffic lights if they are working or if there no break downs. So its a very short commute. Using public transport would be a longer round trip that would involve getting a bus into the CBD changing the bus and then heading in the opposite direction. So for me public transport would not make sense

    1. We also have the big bues and mini buses which we call matatus, I agree with you on Nairobi traffic, it can be a night mare. Thanks for sharing

  2. Clearly, I’m missing this amazing experience!

    My first mini ride was in 2007 while at Uni at the Nairobi train station. I refer to it as mini because the distance covered was within the train station. The management of the Rift Valley Railways company had just granted me permission to do a study on public transport in Nairobi and my area of focus was rail transport in Nairobi. So while I was still admiring the compartments, the train started moving!🙄

    The second experience was in South Africa last year where I used their speed(electric) train.

    I plan to take my maiden trip on the SGR very soon and I plan to do this regularly!😎

    1. You will enjoy the Syokimau train ride. I havent done SGR too but plan to do it in the near future. So much has happened since 2007 there have been alot of developments which i think you will appreciate. I would also love to experience a speed train should i travel outside Kenya.

  3. I love this post!

    I have never used the train but I hope to do so soon. I started driving last year, January and have never used public means to get to work ever since. Lucky for me, it takes only 20-30 minutes to get to work. Most times I leave home at 7:40am to get to work at 8:00am.

    What I miss about taking matts though is the reading time.

    I need to use the SGR soon!

    1. You are so lucky! Like you I love my commutes because of the reading time. When you do use the SGR share with us your experience too!

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