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On the news this week was the story of a family that was wiped out in a tragic car crash on their way to a friend’s funeral. A father, mother and their son. Prior to this tragic incident, their daughter had passed away after a short illness. This whole story made so so sad.

It made me realise that this life is just a passing journey. We shouldnt really hold on to things. What prompted me to this conclusion is that, the family was building a home in which they were set to complete by the end of the year.Construction was underway and it is said that each family member had a specific way they wanted their rooms designed.

The couple was in their 50s. I was encouraged to learn that they were building their home (which unfortunately they will not complete)at this age. The point is, its never too late to achieve your dream. I sometimes feel that while i’m in my 30s I should have built or in the process of building my home. But their story reminded me that everyone has a different journey.

The danger of comparison, looking at your peers in their different cycles of life and seeing as if you are far off. Which is not the case.

Im sad though, I may have not known this family personally but I really feel bad that they all had to die at the same time and so soon after losing their daughter and sister.

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