Day 1 -BSF: People of the promised land

I had been looking forward to this class. Today was the the first class of the year, studying People of the promised land part 1. It is divided into two parts. You can find the other studies here. Every week I will be sharing my take home, lessons learnt and reflections from each class

My fourth series in taking part in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). We will be studying a couple of books in the old testament as we follow key people. Also BSF has had some changes. You can now access notes, lecture and discussion questions online on Why then do we need to meet?

  • To have Godly friendships that are real.
  • The joy of sharing Gods word with other women.
  • To be refreshed, nourished, to come as you are
  • To learn God’s word together, to be refined and mended by God.

Through these changes though – God never changes, he remains the same yesterday, today and always.

God uses the Bible to shape our thinking and our hearts. Since the fall of man, God has been in the process of restoring the world. He begun setting people aside for himself. God promised the Israelites a land of their own. Moses started the journey and he dies just before they get into Canaan. Joshua who was Moses’s assistant takes over.

This study starts from the book of Joshua. The book of Joshua is about obedience, when you are called to serve you obey without excuses. This book resonates with me especially since I was called to serve in BSF. Joshua connects with me in the sense that as I go out to lead and interact with others, God is with me and all I have to do is show up.

Ruth is another personality whom we shall study. She was a foreigner, she came from a land that worshipped many gods. She chose to follow her mother in law, Naomi who was an Israelite. Ruth’s is a story of God’s grace in the midst of circumstances.

Samuel was one of the Israel’s greatest prophets. The people God has chosen to use are not perfect, they are just like you and I.

David took someone else’s wife, he was not perfect. Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. He loved foreign women who brought idolatry.

God’s purpose prevails through all situations. God uses those people whom we think are not perfect and not worthy. God is a God of second chances, it does not matter what you have done. God is in the business of restoring his people back to himself.

This week’s class lesson, discussion and lecture can be found here.

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