Bad Girls of the Bible part 2

Bad Girls of the Bible – Part 2

This review will be featuring short stories from the book- Bad Girls of the Bible; that features 10 women who were considered bad. I reviewed the first 5 women here.


That money talks I’ll not deny, I heard it once: It said, “Goodbye.”-R i c h a r d A r m o u r

 Saphira taught me some of the flaws that we have as humans, getting approval from other people, and desire for praise from others. Only one praise and acknowledgment matters, the praise from and to God. It doesn’t really matter what others see but what is most important is what God sees of us, our heats.

My take home for the unfortunate end for Saphira was I should take God seriously, I don’t think she did. She and her husband thought they would get caught. We hide our sins from God and he always sees what we do.


He who has courage and faith, will never perish in misery!-A n n e F r a n k

 Rahab was my favorite Bad Girl of the Bible. I loved her bravery. To allow two strangers come into your home, hide them from the authorities and save their lives was something that I really admired about her. She was a prostitute, and like every other woman’s identity, that was how she was identified and how people related with her.


The rooster may crow, but the hen delivers the goods. – A n n R i c h a r d s

The person with the worst personality from these group of women was Jezebel. She came off as a selfish and mean spirited person. The book also described her as a person who had positive qualities which she used negatively and to her advantage. I have had an encounter with people who are described just like Jezebel. It is never a lovely encounter with them.


Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance? L e w i s C a r r o l l

 What I learn from Michal is nothing stops worship like unconfessed sin. This is true especially when you have found yourself sinning and feel that you cannot pray to God because you have gone against him. It therefore hinders one from communing with God. Michal was married to a popular man, and it is my assumption that it would have been difficult for her to support him, given the fact that David did not really love her but married her out of obligation. And it is also sad that her father later on gave her as a wife to another man. What a miserable life!

The Sinful Woman

Bliss like thine is bought by years Dark with torment and with tears.-E m i l y B r o n t ë

 What a way to end this review with a woman without a name. A woman who I admire most after Rahab. It is also my desire to emulate her and her genuine love for Jesus Christ. She is the woman who anointed Jesus- The woman with the alabaster jar. She must have had a reputation to be labelled as sinful, which is strange that the people in that town did not know her name.

My biggest lesson from this woman is that people will talk no matter what we do. People will never be satisfied with what we try and do for them so in the end our major focus should be on God and his kingdom and not man.


This was a wonderful journey, to get to know women who were considered bad, through their actions. The women who stood out for me are those that did not have names but were identified through their husbands, their work and their sinful actions. Those with names we have probably heard about them through bible stories. However women like the woman at the well, the sinful woman, Lot’s and Portiphar’s wife did not have names and so their story were kind of intriguing because they are not normally talked about.

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