Orange Tea at the Ketepa Tea House

This past weekend my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) had a meet and greet. The purpose of this was just to break the ice and to have a familiar face when the welcome class/the first class begins. It was a wonderful experience, meeting new people who I will be spending time studying the Bible with.

So I thought what a great idea to have the meet up at the Ketepa Tea House. It’s a new restaurant that sells mainly tea products. It’s located along Tom Moya Street at KTDA Farmers Building. An interesting observation I made was on the menu; the menu had juices which were not available on offer. Since it’s a tea house, the juice should therefore not be in the menu

I got to sample Orange Tea. I liked the flavor, it tastes just like Orange and at the same time has the flavors of black tea. The aroma too was very strong, with the orange taking up the dominant scent. I took this with a snack- kebabs, which were a bit oily but okay.

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