The Social Media Lie

I left Facebooka while back. Everytime I opened the app, I always left feeling deppressed. If its not the announcement of someone’s death, it was someone else posting their ‘perfect’ life. This perfect always left me comparing myself. I had to keep reminding myself that my journey is mine and mine alone. Then finally I left.

What I left behind was friendships that were not genuine, I left friendships that I had not moved on from. You know those high school mates you try anď follow up with but it’s not the same. I reminded myself that who they were in high school is not who they are now.

Now I’m in touch with those that I felt we had a genuine friendship. I still have my personal and blog Instagram and Twitter pages specifically to share my blog content, where I follow people whom we have stuff in common with like; fitness, tea and reading books among others.

I came across this video on Twitter and it just reiterated my feelings about Facebook.

Are you living an Instagram lie?

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