Book Review: The Tanzania Conspiracy


Conman Max O’Brien gets pulled into a grisly conspiracy while investigating his lover’s murder.

Distraught by the murder of lawyer and good friend Valéria Michieka, Max O’Brien travels to Tanzania to track down those responsible. What starts as a fight for justice quickly becomes entangled with the persecution of albinos in the East African state. Thought by some to have supernatural powers, many albinos found themselves targeted for their body parts, and Max has reason to think that Valéria was killed because of her legal work defending albinos’ rights and safety.

Max’s investigation leads him to a night of slaughter, after which Valéria had convinced her government to reintroduce harsh punishments for human traffickers. Did the lawyer’s fight against the trade in body parts cost her, her life? Max’s search for the truth about Valéria’s death is filled with unknowns, each more impenetrable than the last.


I received this book from NetGalley as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I was first intrigued by the book title because Tanzania is the neighboring country to my home country- Kenya. It was interesting for me to see a story from Tanzania. I haven’t actually read a book set from this part of the world.

I had mixed feelings about the book. I liked the fact that the story was set in Tanzania and touched on a very important issue affecting part of the country’s population- Albinos. The story was well researched, it delved into the background of human trafficking of Albinos, witchcraft, corruption, politics and a nonprofit organization in Tanzania. This book shed a lot of light on the plight of Albinos in Tanzania.

The down side of the book was that it was part of a series and I would have loved to get the back story of Max O’Brien and learn more about him. I also felt the structure was all over the place, and as always I have a problem with books that have so many characters, they never add value to the narrative. Instead the reader gets lost, and I tend to forget a lot of back story details. I pretty much have to keep going back to remind myself so as to catch up with the story line.

The story was set between Tanzania and Canada, the narrative style made the story disjointed. I did not enjoy the narrative, it was sad how the Albinos were treated. I don’t want to get into details, you got to read the book. Because of the writing style and the inclusion of many characters it was difficult to grow into one specific character and watch them grow as the narrative developed.

A Note from the Publisher
  • In Tanzania, con man Max O’Brien searches for his ex-mistress’s killers and her daughter, and discovers a grisly black-market trade. – Third book in the Max O’Brien Mystery series, starring a lovable con man and sleuth – Set in Tanzania, USA, and Canada — a “page turner” with a social perspective – First English translation of this series, which was originally published in French and sold well in Quebec.


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  1. The setting also got me too. Glad you enjoyed aspects of this book and also learned a little bit more about the plight of Albinos in TZ. Great review!

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