BSF People of the Promised Land week 1 recap

The first week was an introduction to the books we shall be covering on People of the Promised Land 1. What stood out for me on the notes was lessons 1-5, the study of Joshua. Joshua depended on God in Prayer and he boldly obeyed all of God’s instructions.

Also, Ruth which we shall be covering in lesson 6. We learn that she was a despised Moabite woman, however she gained her place in the human ancestry of Jesus. We shall cover David in lessons 16-22 and what stood out for me in the introduction is that he sinned and God preserved him and the nation. In David’s own words he expressed his heartfelt praise for God: Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

I had a discussion with a friend a few weeks back about the Bible and how it is very patriarchal. As I reflect on this I may have questions about the people’s culture during this time. Whether the answers to my questions become clear or unclear, I pray for a deeper understanding of God’s word.

The discussion questions covered Joshua Chapter 1 – 5. We see Joshua being introduced as the new leader after Moses’s death. A whole generation died before they could enter the promised land. A new generation is led into the promised land by Joshua. Joshua inspires me as he takes command and follows God’s instructions to the latter. There is so much hope for the Israelites as they go into Canaan and it just sounds exciting like every new beginning.

This week’s study has impacted my thinking about God and I am encouraged to be reminded that He alone knows the plans he has for me. He leads, I follow, he calls, I go. This also determines my future plans. By obeying God’s call, it means that I have allowed God to determine my furture.

This week I also learnt that  is only available to people who have signed up for the Bible Study Classes or are on the waiting list.

What was impactful for you during the first week of BSF? Share your thoughts on the comments below.

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