BSF Joshua Lesson 1 -Reflection

Week 2 and reflections on the lecture for lesson one had one outstanding message: God is Soverign. God determines things according to his divine purpose. In the book of Joshua we see His presence, His Grace and His promises. When Moses’s time was almost up, he laid his hands on Joshua.

After Moses died they camped in the wilderness for 30 days, after which they turned to Joshua as their new leader. God knew the anxiety that Joshua had and hence the reason why in Joshua 1:6 he promised and encouraged Joshua to  “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them” We realise that God’s promises continued even after Moses’s death. An encouragement to us that we are part of God’s promises even today.

God has a way of lifting our vision out of our own inadequacies. He says in Joshua 1:9 “Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged.” A question that brought a realisation for me is that what I am afraid of limits my faith in God. Also I start to think negatively instead of taking it all to God. So hence forth I have to keep remembering to take my fears to God.

In Joshua 1:7 the Israelites are commanded to obey all the laws that Moses gave to them. This is true even to date where we learn that obedience is better than sacrifice.(1 Samuel 15:22). We are to fill our minds with the word of God, be thoroghly soaked in his word and we will be successful. Success however is not the regular definition of success, that encompasses worldly possessions. God’s definition of success is staying within the boundaries and confines of his word which sometimes is not according to the standards of this world. God’s opinion lasts forever.

Key Truth 1

  1. God is always close and he cares about us. He promises never to leave us.
  2. Trials may come and go but God determines all things according to his wise purpose.
  3. Sending spies did not mean that Joshua doubted God, it only meant that he had to do his research to get better knowledge and understanding of the land they were going to conquer. Even today we have doctors for example who do research for diseases.

The Bible is very quiet about Rahab’s lie to the authorities, it is also quiet about the midwives lies (the ones who hid Moses). Remember that lying is a sin and Rahab was a work in progress just like you and I. God continued to use Rahab even with her lie.

Rahab had heard about Israelites conquest and how the Lord had delivered them from Egypt. God had been working in her life long before the spies came to her. A lesson we can derive here is to expose our children to the study of God’s word because we never know how God will use them to accomplish his purpose. Rahab hid the spies in her roof and misled the authorities as they searched for them and this in turn saved them from capture. As a result, she and her household would be spared.

Key Truth 2

God can use anything and anyone to fulfill his purpose. God used Rahab, a prostitute to fulfill his purpose. Rahab’s was identified as a prostitute. The fact that her profession as a prostitute was her identity, always has me asking questions about women in the Bible and their identities. However, God is faithful to establish your life, a broken life will not stop him from fulfilling his purpose. Rahab is only one of two women mentioned in Hebrews 11 who demonstrated their faith in God.

Before they crossed the Jordan, they had to purify themselves. They were given strict instructions before crossing the Jordan into Canaan. As the Jordan parted itself we see that God is soverign over nature.

A reflection of God’s soverignity when things go well, we are happy with God’s faithfulness in our lives but when things go wrong we must remember that God still remains soverign, it may be difficult to accept it and understand it.

Key Truth 3

Remembering God’s faithfulness in our lives keeps our faith vibrant.

The Ark reminded the Israelites of God’s presence. His power and this gives us confidence to step out in faith.

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