Tea Review: Melvins Tangawizi Tea

Tangawizi is the Kiswahili translation of Ginger. The Melvins brand, is purely a Kenyan brand.


Country of Origin- Kenya

Ingredients- Kenyan Tea and freshly ground ginger (Tangawizi)

Steep Time: 5 minutes


Review and Preparation

From the box instructions, place a filter bag of Melvins Tea in a cup. From my experience, I have seen that one tea bag is enough as the tea comes out strong and in line with the ginger flavor.

Add boiling water to the cup with the tea bag and let it infuse for at least 5 minutes. This has become a norm with all the teas I drink. I find that the more time you let the tea bag infuse with the water the more rich the flavors.

Remove the tea bag and make sure to squeeze out the remaining flavor. Add milk and sugar. It tastes really creamy when lots of milk is added.

Tangawizi is known to relieve soar throats, promotes perspiration and improves digestion.

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