Tea Review Forest Fruit Flavored Tea

The combination of fruity flavors for this tea is so unique, I am yet to taste another fruity flavor like this one.


Country of Origin- Kenya

Ingredients- Fruit berriy flavors

Steep Time: 5 minutes

Water temperature: Bring water to boil


Add a tea bag in cup and then add boiling water. Let the tea bag infuse for at least five minutes to get the full flavors. You can add milk and sugar to taste.


This tea is perfect when taken black with sugar. I cant imagine taking it with milk, I have never tried it. The flavors are so strong and you feel it. The aroma of fruits is also very strong. The tea bags were strong, when you add a cup of hot water. I added sugar to enhance the taste and this made it taste better for me. Sometimes I use honey but rarely. I love this tea when black.

Have you tried this tea before? What was your experience? Did you like it? Would you take it again? Let me know in the comments below.


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