Review Mud Pie Mojo

I recently visited Cold Stone Creamery on Mama Ngina Street Nairobi this week and I was at pains to choose a flavor from the wide selection they had before I finally settled on Mud Pie Mojo. My phone camera was not in a good mood so I didn’t get nice photos of the one I had. I will share them anyway with a comparison of photos from Cold Stone site. As I waited for my ice cream to be prepared, I watched as the attendant added peanut butter, almonds, coffee ice-cream and Oreos. The mix was folded together on the counter with metal spoons.

The taste needed a little getting used to. At first there was a bit of peanut butter that was stuck on my spoon, I couldn’t figure out the taste in my head I thought it was fudge, then on licking it a second time, I figured out it was peanut butter. It felt sticky just like mud J

Now what I love about this combination is that it doesn’t have a lot of sugar. So if you are not a sugar person then this is your go to Ice Cream. The Oreos and the Almond nuts were a super bonus for me. Especially the nuts, they gave the ice cream its x-factor.

I had the option of adding fudge to the mix. I declined because I know fudge has a lot of sugar. So if you are a person who loves sugar then adding fudge to the mix is something you may want to consider.

Have you tried cold stone Ice creams? Which ones are your favorite?

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