Week 3: BSF People of the Promised Land

These verses are an encouragement for us for whatever battles we are undergoing. This week we focused on Joshua chapter 10. The 5 kings got together and they pre-empted Joshua’s actions. Joshua’s intergrity stands out in these chapters. The Gibeonites had tricked him and they still helped the Gibeonites fight their battle. Joshua would have held this deception against them by he did not. We learn from this that we are to do right with everyone even when they wrong us. We see God’s grace as they are given victory. Even after Joshua had made the mistake of having a treaty with the Gibeonites, God did not hold it against him. He is a God of second chances. Joshua prayed and God listened. The sun stopped. Nature listened to Joshua.

What we learn from Joshua

As you pray, believe that God is listening to you. I learn that I should be bold in my prayers. Be specific in my prayers. God answers ALL my prayers. It could either be YES, NO OR WAIT.  God answers even the little prayers as we are chasing big miracles.


God answers every single prayer of a believer. Not always in the way we expect it. It could be a yes, no or wait. We should change our mindset about prayer. Even a no is an answered prayer. Seek to pray to God, communicate with him by praying for yourself, group members in BSF, your family and friends. James 5:16 promises us that “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

Key Truth 1

  • God is able to turn our mistakes into great blessings.
  • Our God is a God of second chances. Joshua disobeyed God by making a treaty with the Gibeonites.
  • We often remind people of their past wrongs. God used Joshua’s mistakes and converted them into blessings.
  • We normally hold ourselves back when we make mistakes, however for Joshua he still went back to God, confessed and asked for forgiveness and then went ahead and asked God to stop the sun.
  • Never forget God.
  • Always walk with him.
  • Thank God for your victories.
  • Choose to serve him and press on to serving him.

Joshua obeyed God’s commands and from him we are inspired to walk in obedience. Obedience is faith in action. When God calls us to battle, sometimes it may require perserverance as the battle may take long. All evil will be destroyed when Christ returns. Some battles we face take a long time and we must not forget that God uses these battles to refine us. The victories are according to his purpose and his time.

Key Truth 2

Those who trust in the God’s strength will experience his power.

  • God gives us the Holy Spirit and his word as tools to fight spiritual battles.
  • We face battles daily but God helps us to overcome them.
  • God gives us a community of believers to help us fight the battles.
  • Faith flourishes in a community.
  • On our own we cannot do much.
  • Your relationships with others, with group members are there for a purpose.
  • God has kept you in the group for a purpose, for a reason to encourage one another.
  • We are the feet and the hands of Jesus. God will give us victory in the end.

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