Workout Must Haves

After 2 years of work outs through the seasons in Kenya, I feel qualified to give you recommendations for the must have workout gear. Most of my workouts are in the form of dance and Zumba.

I will try as much as possible to be honest with my product reviews. I have put together my work out gear and hope that if you consider these productions that you would purchase through my site to help me show the companies that it is a valuable share for my readers. Hopefully these lists will help you with your fitness journey and they can also be great gift ideas for friends and family members who love to work out.

Water bottle – Branded

Got this during awareness session by ADAK during the Family Group Eldoret Half Marathon. I have this habit of not taking water during my workouts I only do it before and after work outs. I don’t know about you but the water bottle is a must have for me.

Fit Bit Watch

I have this watch, my first fitness watch. It has special features such as tracking my steps, checking the distance I have covered during a walk or a run and the calories I have burned. I use it to map my routes for runs and walks. I also like how it compiles the statistics for my running pace, during on the display. I can only see this when I am running with my phone,

Samsung Gear watch

It’s my latest catch. With it I am able to answer and text phone calls and messages, if I can’t reach my phone when walking or running. I like it too because it keeps prompting me to update the software for the apps I can sync with it.

Shorts – I love working out in shorts. I have been working out in shorts for the past year. They keep me aerated throughout my workout sessions. I also wear leggings sometimes especially during the cold season.


I like to wear branded socks. My favorite brand is Nike. I like them because of their moisture controlling properties.

Sweat band

I wear sweat bands to manage my hair from coming to my face, manage sweat from coming into my eyes. I have a few several favorites and the reason I like them is because they dry fast, they are thin and fits under the hats I wear.


I like hats, some can be itchy especially if you do not have a sweat band in between but if you don’t have a sweat band and have a hat, there are some that absorb the sweat really well. My favorite it the Nike half cap. Since it have dreadlocks it’s easier to gym with this cap as opposed to the full hat.

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2 thoughts on “Workout Must Haves

  1. Great post Shaz! I think what I have from this list so far is socks only haha. I will try wearing a cap though. I have dreads now but I usually use a bandanna during workouts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I need to see you it’s been a while.. last I saw you, you didn’t have dreads. And yes, caps or headbands work for me when working out.

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